At the end of the ordering process the boutique offers several choices for the payment.

- Cheque

- Distance selling (VAD)

- PAYPAL (Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal balance )

We have chosen to offer card payment via the secure site Paypal ®

One obvious benefit is that you never share your financial information to the seller!

So there is only PayPal who knows your bank account information, sellers only know the amount received and the email address of the purchaser.

Of course the seller pays a commission to the PayPal transaction, but this is the price to pay to provide maximum security to customers.

Gérard Sioen has a Paypal account Verified. This status indicates that the account holder Paypal confirmed its identity by completing the verification process implemented by Paypal.

Notice that you can pay with your Paypal balance if you have an account with them, or by credit card (CB etc.) Even if you do not have a Paypal account.

Short excerpt of Paypal ®:

By using PayPal, you can shop safely without sharing your financial information with sellers. The following elements also contribute to the protection of your personal information:

Technology can contribute to the prevention of fraudulent activities.

Advice and tools in the heading what you need to know to stay safe online

Data encryption


At the end of the order process, if you choose to pay by PAYPAL, you are redirected to the secure site (https) PayPal, two options are available:

1) You do not have a Paypal account, you can pay directly by credit card without opening one

2) You have a Paypal account, you can log on to their website and pay with your PayPal balance (or card for supply).

paiement pas paypal sans compte